Thoughts on the new Zelda game?

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What are all your thoughts on the new Zelda game thats coming out? I think it looks kind of....kiddish. Eh, whatever. I'm still buying it. And with the preorder, you get 2 extra discs: Ocarina of Time and Ocarina of Time with re-made dungeons and stuff. Sounds fun!
Lol. But now they can get as many fugging expressions on Zelda's face you want! Look for the ever popular constipated and climax faces!
Cel-shading or not, the gameplay is pretty sweet. When you're actually playing, you don't even notice the cel-shading because you're so into the game. I reserved this game as soon as I got the chance.
I've been playing this game non-stop since release.

Two words:


Yes, it's cartoony. Yes, it's different from anything else on the market. Yes, it's not the status quo for the series. But a breath of fresh air in the genre is an excellent thing.
If I ever get a GC it will be for this game. I thought that the cell-shading was gonna suck, but it kicks ass, and the gameplay (from what I've played) is unbelievable.

Good Job on this one Nintendo.
Just got it today - been playing it for a while, but just can't pick which is better - Wind Waker or the Ocarina of Time hehe, but I also have my Master Quest disc for that to keep me more occupied. :p
Well, I went looking today at my local Walmart and decided to pick up a GameCube Zelda Package... when a friend came up to me (he works there) and said, "I can't let you buy that." I was like WTF!!!? He laughed at me and said that my wife had come in earlier and put one on "layaway" for our anniversery. LOL.

It's a sweet thought, but DAMNIT, I wanted to be playing it tonight.
I thought it looked Ghey too, but I am now 3/4 of the way through it and it is pretty cool.
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