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Heres my problem.I have installed a USB home phoneline network to connect 2 comps one with win98 and the other with xp we have file,printer,and connection sharing on dial up all this works fine but the comp with xp is creating a problem with my telephone now.when ever this comp is turned on even though there isnt any active connections when the phone rings it tries dialing out and i have to turn off the comp to stop this from happening.Any Suggestions?
Two solutions:


1) right click 'My Network Places' and click properties
2) a new window will open with your dialup connections in them click the 'Advanced' menu at the top of your screen
3) Then click 'Dial up preferances'
4) Then click the 'call back' tab
5) Then click 'No Callback'


Or if you right click 'incoming connections' and click 'properties' and the 'users' tab if you look in there there will be a list of users allowed to connect to your computer if you double click one make sure no call back is selected.

That should do the trick :) let me know how you got on. :)

If that dont solve it then i aint got a clue
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