Thinking of Building my own case

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Well I've been through a few cases so far and have sort of liked, but not been very excited about them. I really like Lian Li cases but they are so expensive, and also I want a cube case but they only make miniATX cube cases except for the 343B, which is waaay expensive.

So I've been thinking of building my own out of plexiglass this summer. 6mm thick black plexiglass on all sides (light can't come through), and a dark tint piece of plexiglass on one side for a window illuminated from the inside with UV cathodes so you can see through the dark tint.

I want a very simple clean look but also want to have good airflow so was thinking of putting a piece of plexi spaced 20mm over the front where I will have a 220mm intake fan. There will be another 220mm identical fan on the top taking heat out of the case, and the PSU will lay on its side also extracting some heat from the case. The drives will be in their own little enclosure and I'll put a 120mm fan or 2 in there with some vents on the back to keep it ventilated.

I whipped up a quick sketch of what I had in mind, can anyone see any problems I might encounter or give any advice on what I should think about? Just in case any of you aren't used to 3rd angle view, the bottom left view is the side, the bottom right is the front view behind the front plexicover, the top is the top view as in birds eye :p ....

and the one on the right is the view with the plexicover on with the HD, POwer LEDs, USB plugs and power button. In other words, what you would actually see looking from the front.

All the fanspeeds will be very low to keep it relatively quiet, and the intake fans will have filters, am thinking of just using some sort of mesh like a screen so I can take it out easily to clean it.

everyone is getting more and more into the custom cases, im either making my own or ordering one from mk, and the way things are looking i might order from him.
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