Thinking of a new Rig


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Im not sure what i want to put in it i got about $1300 aus

im using my monitor speaks case(Full Tower atx CoolMaster) mouse&KeyBoard

i was thinking one of these for a video card
512MB NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) 9800 GT
2GB ATI(R) Radeon(TM) HD 4870

Also I want a QuadCore
And What the differnet between Amd and Intel ???
i was thinking something like the Q6660
or the Q9650

I Diffently want 4gb of Ram i do video editing and a lot of gaming

If have idears please Post


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Tehh,, That's a totally and completely incorrect stereotype. AMD is not always better for gaming, nor Intel better for gaming. Same for editing. It's solely based on which processor you buy and which instruction sets it comes with. Intel's new Q9 series procs have SSE4.1 digital encoding instruction sets for compiling/editing quicker. I'm sure AMD has something just as good.


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If you're doing more gaming, spend less on the processor, more on the video card. Get a core2duo or a lower clocked quad core, and get a GTX260.


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but since aussie bucks are a little weak to the doller i'd say hes got about 1090 bucks to buy stuff with in American, but i maybe wrong
I have 1300 aus but i can spend 1300 in us

i was looking at the fourem about types of builds but im not sure if there still up to date