Things too do on Linux MInt 18. x (Initialization & Set Up)


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After your OS installation of your new Linux Mint OS, their are a few things too do that will help you enjoy your experience of using the OS.

These are not comprehensive but some of the things I have done and some I still do.

With regards too updates, you can run the GUI or use the Terminal. I like the GUI as you can get a visual on when the OS updates will be downloaded and then afterwards installed in regards too a time frame.

If you want too use the terminal; type the following:

sudo apt-get update && upgrade.

or you can simply double click the shield when you have your desktop booted.

Note: you will have too tell Linux mint were it can find the local download mirrors for you closest location but selecting country of origin. You will see a list with the necessary flags next too it.

Once you have done the updates and upgrades, head over too the software repos in the "Mint Menu" and select software manager.

One application I recommend is BleachBIt for removing all the clutter from you PC especially if you have done an installation and are tight on space after the updates and upgrades.

Note: In BleachBit you will have the option too run as admin and will have too enter you password too get full access for the system such as clearing out system temp files.

I also recommend turning on your firewall on your local terminal.

You can do this by heading too the terminal and typing:

sudo ufw enable

If you wish to change any option in the System Settings control centre head too the Mint Menu and select from the default position on the bottom left hand side.

One of the options I change is power management. I select "Turn off the screen saver when inactive" = Never .

Suspend when inactive = Never.

When power button is pressed = Asked.

In the control centre you can modify all the system settings and with the use of the terminal and the sudo command you will have full system access.

Another cool thing in Linux Mint if you are wanting too do youtube videos.

Open the terminal > Edit > Profile Preferences > Colours and select any colour you wish for use with the Bash Terminal. Green is popular on youtube.

Under system settings control centre you can also view your hardware and look at the likes of your desktop backgrounds and modify or change them.

Have a look at my other posts for things too do on Linux Mint such as config of your DNS and IP.Ver6 Leaks along with setting up a VPN.
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