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Hey guys this happend to me before but now its starting to happen again. My windows theme that i make keeps changing every once and a while when i start up. Instead of the default blue windows xp theme i change it to classic windows and a different color etc... Some time my theme will stay when i boot up my comp but sometimes for no reason it will boot up with the default blue xp theme. Why is this happening and how do i fix this? Thanks in advance!

and if you need system specs:

Athlon x2 4800+
asus a8r32mvp deluxe
sapphire x1900xt
2 gig ocz titanium
1 320g wd hd
2 36g raptors
windows xp home sp2
xfi platinum

King X13

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right click my computer

select manage

on the right pane select Services and applications

then select services

Scroll down till you see Themes

right click and select properties

youll see an option called start up type drop it down and select manual

then understand youll see where it says stop click that once you click that your computer will look like 98 instantly and since you made the start up manual it will not start the XP look unless you make it.
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