The Vista Lite inside out


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Well, after FINALLY finding out what locked up, I decided to keep it.'s a few screenies:

Desktop with Dreamscene:

CP has less options, but I guess it's fine:

Oops! I guess I need to look for the registry to change manufacturer and model!:

Notice; no Media Center:

Aero seems to work without hassle:

Notice, the wallpaper changed each time of a screenie. It's a background video, hence...Dreamscene! It's a very good thing!

Oh yeah...all this, under a 700MB CD!

How to obtain
OM either me, dude_se or muz379.
There's no linking allowed on this forum or thread.

Once you installed it, please make sure you update your system. It can help it being more stable. To go and get Dreamscene, click View available extras. Also, if you have drivers updates, do update them.

Vista on a PII
Once the room is renovated, make sure you pop back here for screenies with a PII!

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1gb ddr2 ram @ 533mhz, 128mb Intel Gma 945, 60gb hdd,
amd sempron 3000+ / 512mb ram / 160gb hard drive / geforce mx 440 64mb

My rigs: P4 3.0GHZ, 1512MB (Wonder where I got the additional 23MB...), Radeon 9600Pro, 160GB HDD, DVD-Writer
Targetting: PII 350MHZ, 192MB RAM, 10GB HDD, Geforce 2 MX 400.

Muz's rigs: Asus P4S533-VM-Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHZ/533/512-256MB PC2100-256MB pc3200 -120GB Seagate barracuda-Phillips DVD-RW-Sparkle tnt2 m64 32mb-Cooling 1front led fan 1 back generic black 80mm fan one side 80mm led fan akasa AK675 cpu cooler-Black Case With Side Window And Blue LED fan
intel pentium M 1.6ghz / 512MB ddr ram / 60gb hd / intel integrated graphics / ralink wireless -added driver and it worked


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its just the same as the normal vista. except some things have been taken out to make the file size smaller and to make it faster.
no ones reported any problems. if u can live with some features missing then its perfect
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