The software is garbage - how do I get the data out??

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Hi there!
I was hoping someone could give me some guidance on this. I have a software application called Multimedia Wine Companion which is (or I should say was) put out by a company called Lifestyle. They are no longer updating their software and as I have been updating my Windows platform, it has started to compromise the software. The data seems to be saved in .mww files. I am not sure what this .mww file is, but I am unable to view the data by using a text application to read it. My goal is to get the data out into either Access or Excel. Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

if it doesn't open in a text viewer, or more specifically if it looks like a whole lot of gobbledeguk then it is probably a compiled file. I am unsure that you can do anything without the source code, as is probably the point. but someone else on the board may be able to make a more useful suggestion.
The files most likely use a proprietary format developed by the company, and it would be extremely difficult to extract anything useful from the file without having any information on the format. If you can't contact the company (ie. it no longer exists), you're probably out of luck.

Also there is a program called quickview plus that opens almost anything I couldnt live without it.Its from Jasc software.Later Pat S.
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