the ports on the bottom of the GC

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what's with the ports on the bottom of the GC? i know what they're for, so dont start treatin me like a moron. are they ever gonna come out with the modems and crap? i'm a lil frustrated that they are taking their sweet time with it.
I agree with þÄ®âÐÖx, ones for the GBA hookup and the other if for the Netowrk Adapter. I love GC!!!
"Tell them what they've won!" There is only a couple of things that those ports are used for but so far the only one you need to be concerned about is the Gameboy add-on cause nothing else is available yet in the states.
yeah, Network Adapter :-( ???? Come on. Metroid Prime is great for GC. My problem is that there are no great games for the GBA (I have SP) that i would want to play so.... no use for it.
I'm gonna start saving up money to get a network adapter, I wanna play PSO with my friends, but first I need the game... saving money sucks.
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