The PC of 2010!!!!

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Here u can make ur computer u want to have in 2010!! Ill start:
2X 4.2GHZ Celeron D 64BIT!! A 12000RPM fan
6GB of 700MHZ(Hopefully mobos will support that much by then.
2 GeForce FX 7800's in SLI
700Watt PSU
2x Western digital 1 terrabite 15,000RPMS
A really good 64 bit OS!!and a 128bit OS in the making.
1 6gig 10,000 RPM HD for the OS(really fast loading beleive me!!!
I hope most programs by then will support the use of 2 chips at the same time that will be so awsome. The shouldnt be that far away thought that should be quiet soon that APPS and GAMES use both CPU'S.
That machine could never be faised!!!I hope they do something about temps inside the chip to try to keep temps below 10C so no worries when overclocking ya know aht i mean!!!!!!


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Wow is this a goofy thread, but I've got nothing else to do right now.

By then, maybe instead of AMD having dual core processors, maybe they'll have quadruple core. Even better would be a motherboard supporting two processors, and letting you place two quadruple core processors in your motherboard... doubtful *sigh*

Hopefully motherboards start coming out though that let you use two processors to split up the work load that I can use with AMD processors. That'd be great. Instead of buying one processor that is $600, you could just buy two at $250 or something... or even better if you've got the money, two for $600. It'd be a beast! Wouldn't it also be cool if each processor had four slot for RAM to itself, and everything talked to each other. It'd be like quadruple channel RAM (dual channel reserved for each processor). Then again, you'd need to fill both parts so each processor would have the RAM... oh well, it'd still be a beast in games and whatnot.


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Intercranial implants. That is what the computers of 2010 will be. You will have all componants hardwired to your brain and all things will be some new form of wireless.

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Silicon based chips! Pfah!
Well, realistically, Silicon based chips makes sense.

I guess I'd look at a the following
~5GHz IBM Cell processor
The new Asus A2016x (nForce 8 chipset :p)
8 Terabits of DDRDRAM!!!1!11 (uh, 1 terabyte..)
The new Bazillion-pumped FSB of 80GHz (Real FSB 600MHz)
2x1 Terabyte Western Digital 15,000RPM raided, for OS.
2x150 Terabyte Western Digital 10,000RPM, for stuff.
(All hard disks with 32mb cache and 1.2GHz P4 (no-one knew what else to do with all those chips))
Microsoft Windows 65.3 (service pack 8)
Microsoft Windows 2000 (damn dodgy 65.3...)
PowerGlovesTM (Feels like using an actual Keyboard and mouse!!!)
And a Full-Wall projection monitor. In my coffeemachine-robot.
Almost forgot, the ATINVidia X9600XP with DodgyBugware 96!

That's about me :D

Hey timmer, why do you have a slower OS drive than you're main drives? Did I miss a bug in win 65.3 that won't read off >10KRPM drives before booting drivers?
Damn that OS :)


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APparently you guys haven't heard of the new silicon mobos? Instead of circuits they are using silicon. WHich happens to be a lower conducter of heat and a faster means of transporting information. We're talking huge. It is going to come out in networking technology within the next two years and soon will be in most cpus especially by 2010. Read guys READ! LOL

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Silicon motherboards? You mean like the CPU instead of copper tracks?
Wouldn't that be ludicrously expensive?
I'm gonna have to look this up - thanks ronin :D
Now I'm excited to see this :)

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Yeah - I don't see them ever coming out as an actual mobo, but as ronin said, they use them in small networking equipment to minimise slowdowns.
Still, none of us were being realistic here anyhow, so I'll just say that the Asus A2016x is an entirely silicon based mobo :)

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Nah this'll be 2010 OVC comp
based on the current speed of changes, this will be the computer of 2010.

4 x Geforce 11800/12800 FX GT Equivalent in a SLI alternative that supports 4 graphic cards and a different system to PCI-E
2 x Quad York Core 7000+ 128 Bit Processors
Windows 64 Bit TE (third edition), which 128 bit to be released in 2012
DFI Global Tournament Board - 6 bit GAN (Global Area Network) with socket 1614 with SLA - Synaptic Link Analasys. 15.1 onboard sound
12 gb OCZ Rev 0.25 Ram
Liquid Tungsten Based Cooling
No longer any need for internet connections because of the GAN
2 x 3tb hard drives
Titanium cases as standard
12v Deco (10) rail PSUs (maybe not :p) - 1kw


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Wow, goofy thread lol...i don't have time to think this out...but lets just say we will be in the golden age of 64-bit computing, with 128-bit around the corner...we will have seperate cards for physics....and the graphics card will no longer be a card, it will be a seperate box linked to the PC VIA SUSB (Super USB), which can transmit at 1 Tbps. And oh yeah....1Gbps broadband will be common among the households of America.
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