The next GENE and Formula?!


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ASUS have asked about what would you like to see from a maximus/crosshair gene or formula ?

As it stands out today, we have lots from the ROG line.

Maximus III GENE (Intel)

Crosshair IV Formula (AMD)

Crosshair IV Extreme (AMD)

Rampage III Extreme (Intel)

Rampage III GENE (Intel)

Rampage III Formula (Intel)

Maximus III Formula (Intel)

But with the upcoming new processors which requires new sockets, ASUS have decided to ask what are the demands for users (us) on what we would like to see them implement for the next generation.

If you have ideas or thoughts, come on over to this thread and let your voices/opinion be heard:

The next GENE and Formula?!!

With me being an AMD user, I would love to see a Crosshair GENE board designed for mATX users. Every thought counts!