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This topic is being created to stop the constant questions about which site to use for buying products. We will list sites by Country.


If this thread gets out of hand AT ALL, meaning that someone posts a site and someone else later comes by and gives them any kind of flak saying the site is junk, there will be instant Infractions given. No pleas, no questions nothing. The first sign of any kind of arguement and all parties involved get infractions. This is the ONE AND ONLY WARNING.

This topic is for informative purposes. It is to help guide people to sites to use for buying parts. It will be edited and sites for other countries added once they are suggested. No site will be bashed for the sheer sake of it. A site will be added once it has been researched.

So please when posting make sure to give the Country you are from or posting for and list the name of the site and a link. Thank you.


NewEgg | TigerDirect | ZipZoomFly | | Amazon | | eCost | iBuyPower | CyberPowerPC | | CompUSA | BestBuy | Dell | eBay | NCIXUS | MicroCenter


Scan | Ebuyer | Dabs | Aria PC | Overclockers UK | Misco | Novatech | Microdirect


ARC Computers | Harris Technology | MSY Computers | PC Case Gear |


Inet | Dustin | NetOnNet


NCIX | Newegg | Dell | DirectCanada | TigerDirect | Canada Computers | BestDirect

Specialty Shops

FrozenCPU | Performance PCs | Petras | SVC | MNPCTech

*NOTE* This thread is a copy of the original located here. If you have any suggestions to add to this list post in there so they can be added to both threads. Thank you.
Not open for further replies.
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