The Getaway (Ps2)!

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Reviewed by fORM

Platform: PS2
Game Type: Action
Developer: Sony Europe (Team Soho)
Publisher: Sony America
Release Date: Q4 2002

Wow. About sums it up. Leeching off the GTA3 concept this game focuses more on the game & story rather than a command and conquer attitude which I found present in the newer Vice City. It takes place on London Streets and was 3 years in the making. Upon the intro the game gets moving quickly. The story line opens up with some crisp looking graphics and you basically start with a driving sequence. Your wife has just been murdered and your kid is now a hostage. You want him back? You're going to have to be the mobs bitch for awhile and carry out every crazy request they tell you to do. Set places on fire, transport badly beaten triad members to chinatown and weave your way through real downtown streets of London.The game looks and feels somewhat similar to the GTA series but goes beyond the Arcadie-feel of GTA3. I found that the cars handled a lot smoother and the weaving was a lot more tricky because of the small streets you explore through on this giant map.

Enough about the comparisons between the 2.

The game is based on some real events in the UK that have left the gangsters in control of many regions. Unfortunately the laidback mentality of the UK allowed the 14K Triads, Yardies, Bethnal Green Mob and the Collins Crew to expand themselves in the murder, drug trafficking, prostitution and extortion business. In the mix is a crime figure by the name of Mark Hammond who is also depicted in this title. Nuff said this game is based on some real events and some of the **** going on in the UK.

Rent it or buy it advisory :5stars:

Good things:
-craziest driving i've felt out of any title (realism)
-dope rides (ie lexus, civics, jags, rovers etc)
-much more interactive character
-neck breaking, gun to head battle techniques (looks like a hostage taking)
-smooth graphics, good processing
-sweet storyline that makes you tell ur buds to stfu when the cinematics start
-fire your weapons around corners without looking
-swearing! lots of it :y:

Bad/rougher things:
-controls take a little bit of learning
-no ammo count or clip count
-can't kill guys in cars easily? or so it seems
-no road maps...u need to follow your blinkers on the car
-No crosshairs (tricky for manual aim)

Overall i'm on day 2 of playing this game and so far it's kept me mashing on the buttons and playing through the levels. Don't expect to cruise through this title because it won't happen. The levels aren't exactly a walk in the park and pulling out your toughest rambo **** will get u dead quick.

It's a good game but too linear for my tastes. I like being able to do what i want, when i want. i guess i had preconcieved notions about it being close the the GTA series.
GTA 3 and GTA Vice City are great because of the variety of missions, but I will admit Getaway's graphics smoke GTA's graphics. :-\
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