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Well I was holding off from a rant.
All of my kitchen appliances blew out back in September due to a power surge and after 2 months the insurance decided to cough up some cash the first of November so I can get new ones. I ordered a dishwasher, range and microwave on November 6th and Home Depot promised me that they would deliver on the 23rd. I asked them if they were sure because that is the day before Thanksgiving they stated it would be no problem.. Well...they reniged on their promise and did not deliver so we had to gather up the turkey and everything else and go to Brenda's mom's house to cook. It did work out o.k. (her mom is 87 and she did cook the bird upside down) but it still tasted good! I still do not have any new appliances yet as of 11/28.
I'm sorry you had this experience. I would be upset as well if a company was dishonest with me. If they were not able to deliver your apliances on time, they should have never promised you. They should have told you that they can try to have it delivered by the specific date but cannot promise or garentee the appliance will be delivered on the date specified.
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