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Spent the whole weekend testing out my new bbq. More pork belly burnt ends, and my first brisket!
Dry rub ready; Brown sugar, salt, smoked paprika, sweet paprika, cumin, ground chilli

Smoked with cherry just under 2 hours as I wanted more meat less smoke flavour this time

Cover em with more brown sugar, honey, & 125g of butter

Mixed some BBQ sauce with apple juice, apple cider vinegar, apple sauce and tossed together, then 2 mins under the grill to set the glaze.

Not the greatest brisket ever but she'll do, got a discount from the butcher on top so it only cost me $50

Few hours in

End result. Juicy as all hell, stayed together in a slice but pulled apart with very little force. Too much smoke for my taste in the end, and bark needs work, but mayne was it tasty.

Turned some leftovers into a brisket cheeseburger, toasted buns with american style cheese, mustard, thin sliced pickle, bbq sauce & a tiny bit of mayo. Friggin 10/10 would eat again, ****ty pic cause I couldn't wait to dig in :p
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OHHHHHHHHHH I found a new love affair

Stepp Riesling *S* - a German Riesling from Marks & Spencers (upmarket food store in the UK).

This **** is lovely. I'm gonna have to limit myself to 1 bottle a month or something, as it's £15, and I tend to buy wines in the £5 to £10 range.



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No pictures I'm afraid but last Thursday I went to the local big supermarket being asda and well over £100 on mostly meat, and tinned foods for the cupboards. Not so much the fridge simply because it just goes too damn quickly such as being cut meats and ready to eat foods. :lol:

put a whole packet of smoked bacon and a joint of gammon in the slow cooker cooked it for about 7 too 9 hours and added some gravy granules along with a pepper to the juices and a touch of garlic. Cut all the meat down and mixed it all in.

Tasted amazing and not to mention if I had of thought on I could of done some home made Yorkshire puddings and made a proper dinner.

Along with that, the usual things like cigarettes, pop, and drink.


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I wanted to ask a question as I have been watching some youtube videos but not 100% on this.

What makes a simple brine solution? Is brine in the most simple form salt and water. Adding the likes of pepper and sugar for flavouring and anything else for flavour.

I have been watching YT but from what I can tell its to keep the meat moist and the salt will enhance the flavour.

Can you guys add anything to this? Like, white sugar or brown sugar, do I need to use pepper corns, and do I need to bring to the boil.

I was watching a video where as the chef added an onion.

Does anyone know how to make a brine solution, can you explain.



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We went to a Brazilian steakhouse today for my birthday. It was the Rodizio Grill - Hamilton place. We took our nephew there for his birthday (his choice) and I most definitely wanted to go back. If you have never been to one of these places, and are a carnivore, then GO. Seriously.

The way it works is that the waiter gives you a card or wooden block that is red on one end and green on the other. Flip it to green and every one of the guys with the different meats stop by your table and ask if you want some of whatever they have. Tri-tip, sirloin, lamb, sweet and spicy chicken, sausages, ham, parmesan steak, garlic steak, grilled fish, chicken in white wine, bacon wrapped chicken, grilled pineapple, all kinds of others. They carve it off in thin strips and you use a set of individual tongs (comes in your flatware) to grab it as he cuts and then put it on your plate. They have sides and salad but who cares about that, right?

A solid hour of carnivorous rapture was all we could take. It was my mom's first time going and she had a blast. My wife got the meat sweats for the first time. They had desserts as well but there was no way. We did pick up some cake and ice cream on the way home since it is by b-day and I wanted some.

Not a bad day.