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as in the parts are arriving. I should have everything by Friday. here is the final spec on my new amd box.

case- pc power and cooling personal midtower
psu- antec true 380
mobo- epox ep-8rda
processor- amd 2700xp barton variant
memory- corsair twinset pc2700 512mb
hard drive- western digital wd800jb (80gb w/ 8mb cache)
monitory- sony ep40 (21")
video- radeon 9500 pro
sound- creative labs audigy
cd-R- lite-on 52x
dvd-rom- lite-on 16x
speakers- logitech z-680
proc heatsink- thermalright slk-800 w/ vantec stealth 80mm
rear and front case fans- vantec stealth 80mm

so far...sooooooo good. the case is a god-send. it has to be the simplest case I have ever purchased and I am having a wonderful time modifying the hell out of it. I'll post pictures when it is all finished.

I'm still waiting on some key parts (like, the power supply ^_^) but when I have everything assembled and burnt in I'll post my scores. I'm really looking forward to this.
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