the best steps to successfully oc athlon 1.4

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ok i have 1.4 athlon on a shuttle via ak11 mobo,640 megs of pc133.if i oc my fsb at all,wheni try to download somthing i cant.i just tried default fsb and averything else,but i raised the multiplier from 10.5 to 11.5 and i get 1533 cpu speed.and my system runs perfect and even downloads like its supposed my ? is can i oc it anymore,and am i oc it the right way,by the way my temp is still between 98-104 degres F.if anyone can help please do thanks Maurice.
Your temps are very good, and personally, I do not recomend touching the fsb. The risks involved in that do not stand against screwing up the HDD, memory, or your CD-Roms when It could be more safely done via the multiplier when the only risk of damage is to the processor iteself. I can get my 1.4 at 1.6 stable via the multiplier (with very similiar performance), but have to pump 1.9v into it or els it will randomly lock up. If I had a better cooling solution, I could probably get away at it stable with less voltage. Maby Vapochill, or that other1 could do the trick.
HI,and thanks.

i can get it to 1.6 like you said via 1.9 volts,now the funny part is i can play around on it with games and everythings fine,but when i left it on and went to sleep,i realized that it looked like it had was a black screen,almost like it went into suspend mode but wasn' there something i can do about this?on a hot day like it was today it reached 120F,this is still ok right?thanks Maurice
Your Ram might be limiting your fsb OC. Try it with just 1 stick and see what happens.
1.4 oc.

HI Chopper,

sorry to keep bothering you...but,if im not raising the fsb,would it still have something to do with the memory?this is my specs as of right now 115x14=1610 1.9vcore,fsb is usually 133x10.5 i lowered fsb and raised multiplier to get 1610.again sorry if im asking too many ?s,thanks Maurice
Underclocking your memory shouldn't hurt. Except for performance in that area. Does your mobo have a way to set the fsb for the memory? Dividers or something? Is your processor unlocked? I'd still try with just the stick of 512 in it. I'm sure you'll see better OC that way.
my cpu is not locked to my knowledge,i dont know for sure.
the only thing i see in bios that might be for ram is a dram thing that says 100 or 133,iset it to 133 if this is what your talking about.i don't know of the divider's you speak of:confused: i will take out the 64's and see what happens,will my system run good on only 512?and by a better oc.did you mean a higher or more stable oc.:)
Ive been thinking......
Unless your running water cooling, have a super fast high end HSF, or Vapochill ect.. I HIGHLY recomend you drop your 1.9 voltage because if you do not your processor is for shure to burn out or get damaged over time.

1.85 is the MAX you should allow under any other condition. Just my Warning! but Hey, its your processor.
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