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Im sure ill get flamed for this because of its obvious flaws, but I think Everquest has to be one of the best games out there.

This is from a marketing and long term play perspective. The addictiveness alone of the game is insane, and the monthly fee make the company tons of money. Most EQ addicts would pay their acct fees before buying food for the month.

The graphics are definitly not sub par, and the gameplay can be quite slow enough, but while I was addicted, I loved every minute of it.
personally I like none of these games.. not my kind of games.. aoe blows.. warcraft's easy.. doom is good for time remebering only (though doom 3 graphics are absolutely gorgeous..), gta has a dumb story.. and I liked tekken only when I had to punch my friends ;).. the only good game I can find in the list is Starcraft, but I'm desapointed to say I got tired of it very soon (starcraft and brood war as well)..
I preferance is RPGs, so none of the above.. the gamed I can recommend on is Fallout, great game.. also, I can recommend Total War as a good game... all other are D&D based games and other RPGs..
cheers m8s..
Well these's are all good game that each person as talked about. I wish i could get a few more people in here to talk about what they like.
Question: Now that i kinda have a list why doesn't some one progrramm a game that as a little of everything in it? Plz think this over befor you post your next thoughts!!!
I am not into First Person Shooters or Role Playing Games. Instead I like Simulators. I enjoy Tachyon, Descent Freespace (and will play Freespace2 as soon as I can find where I put it!). Also flight sims like Falcon 4.0. I guess Sims are not as popular as I thought!

ok a joke is a joke but enough!
i give up...... so tell......

where is the chat room
how do i get on line ????

......where will i read the answer ????

&......I REALLY DO look just like this -->-->--> :confused:
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