Thanx Alot David


Thnx david for making this forums.

This has to be a topic so i made it.

Anyway, David thnx alot for paying for this server/forums, your paying us to help people for free, you done enough dude, thnx for that, i got help aswell from this forums, if it was'nt for this forums, then i would not know as much as computers as i do now, no to much for my age lol.

Anyway, thnx all.

Keep it real

You Know I Got What It Takes To Keep This Forums Cool.
Ya My New Cf Quote lol

Half Evil

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yeah, but i have a question to ask about thi. How exactly do you get advertisements to pay for the site, because i would like to make one, but i have no idea where to start...


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Blonde said:
Yeh..Howd u get number 1 on the google search for computer forums?
By linking

Anyhow, David has poured hours and hours into this site, mainataining it, and keeping it cool. It takes a great Admin to continue this hard, for this long. Thanks again David, you just don't know how many people you've helped over the years :)