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I realize that Thanksgiving is an American holiday and so not everyone partakes (Canada is just weird about it), but what are everyone's plans for Thanksgiving this year?

We are having Thanksgiving at our daughter's house again this year. I am smoking the turkey, as well as making a ham and my ranch potatoes. My wife is making her sweet potato casserole (our daughter requested it, along with my turkey and ranch potatoes). My mother-in-law is making cornbread dressing and a made from scratch apple cake. My mom is bringing broccoli salad (gotta have something semi-nutritious) and her Tennessee Mud Cake. I have no idea what everyone else is bringing but we should be good for food.

My wife and I are heading out of town on Black Friday. We are spending the weekend in Pigeon Forge for our anniversary, hitting 36 this year. I doubt we will do much shopping but we never know.
We will be doing Thanksgiving at home. They'll be just the 4 of use (me, wife and 2 adult sons). Our daughter moved to GA last year so we won't be seeing her family this year.

We will be roasting a 10lb turkey with all the fixings (turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, potato casserole, green bean casserole, candied yams, cranberry sauce, rolls, pumpkin pie and cherry cheesecake). We will also have a charcuterie board with some meats & cheeses that my sons selected. None of us drink so instead of wine, we will be toasting with sparkling apple cider.

Congrats on your 36th anniversary Trotter, we will celebrate our 49th exactly 2 weeks after Thanksgiving.
Hopefully I won't be working and if I'm not, the wife is making the tradish turkey dinner and I'll be trying to finish playing Cyberpunk 2077. :p

Congrats on the 36, Trotter! Don't see that a lot these days. We just hit 22 last week.
Wow dude that's crazy, if my dad was still alive they'd be celebrating 35 years this year. Marriages lasting more than a year these days just doesn't exist anymore sadly.

Us, not doing anything at all. Not even our joke Luby's outing. I'll probably just watch the game and eat pizza rolls. Will have the baby to myself Friday so I think we're gonna hit Best Buy to browse if it's not dangerous.
This year for us will be a bit different, just Bren, her mom and myself. The daughter will be out of town this year so we won't be having the grandkids over. Traditional dinner with turkey, stuffing, cranberry stuff......
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