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First off, thanks to all of the GENUINE help regarding my last post. Pinball needs to get a life..nuff said! Anyway, Wombat you said, in answer to my query about having broadband, that I should always be connected to internet until I shut down. Well that's what I thought too. However, my connection is set up on a dial up connection. How can I set my broadband to be 'always on' which is what I thought i was getting in the first place?!?!?! Any help would be great.

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Go into Internet Connections, remove your connection that uses dial up, then go to add connection, manually add ISP connection, broadband that is always on, then finish. TADA! Restart and let windows aquire the IP. If that fails, then go to START, RUN, type in CMD

Once in the psuedo DOS console, type IPCONFIG /RELEASE. There is a space between the ipconfig and the /. Then type in IPCONFIG /RENEW. That should do it.