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I have a Problem: i have got an iiyame 15" tft screen (Iiyama AX3817UT 15' TFT) and since i have got this monitor my hardware accelaration (specific directx: directdraw & direct3d) isn't functioning. This results in non starting, crashy and crappy working directx applications and a annoying ammount of winxp restarts/crashes. Completely disabling hardware accelaration doas work for windows, but gives a lot of troubles whit other programs (games par example :). The DirectX diagnostic tool isn't reporting any error (except that it keeps crashing my computer when testing grapic acceleration) :(
I have already completely reinstalled windows (with format) because someone told me this might work: it didn't....
The monitor is installed as a plug and play monitor (because the iiyama driver were even worse) 1024*768 32bit color 75Herz refresh rate. I think i have tried all diferent settings combination already.


my system: WinXP pro, Nvidia GeForce2 MX and all the lastest paches for these products, i have an 900 AMD MSI K7T_Turbo (MS-6330) motherboard. my status: desperate :confused:
I can tell you this with some certainty: it isn't your monitor. Your monitor shouldn't have any kind of control over your DirectX settings.

I recommend checking the settings on your video card and motherboard. The first thing that came to my mind is to make sure that AGP acceleration is enabled (assuming that you do have an AGP video card). After that, I'm not quite sure what I'd check but use the GeForce FAQ to help you customize all of your settings. You can find that at

One final said you were using the latest drivers for the video card. That could be a part of the problem, as the newest drivers aren't necessarily the best. This is all detailed in the FAQ, however.
Disable AGP 4x acceleration and/or fast writes in the BIOS to ease things a bit, then enable once things stabilize. If it helps, you may also set 'Plug and Play OS' in your BIOS to enabled.
Net share programs

If you are still having trouble make sure you are not running any programs like ( Netmeeting or netsharing programs) that wont show up in dxdiag but can cause you to crash to desktop when running online games. Just another thought. They may be on your task bar.
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