TF Chat Room...?

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personally, I never saw this thing working... belive me, I had been in many forums.. people just ain't into chating.. I don't mind if Chopper opens one, and I don't mind even being around, but I'm just not seeing this thing working... guest will stick in, too, uninvited.. just a big mass... your call though..
Its funny you suggest this because ive nearly finished a chatroom for TF.
Only registered forum members can access it and on the forum home it will say something like this.

Current users in Chat: GeForce, azury, Debaser ect ect
like the whos online thingy.

We have used a chat room on WT to help people out in real time and it can be very useful. IMO, it could be useful here to help with immediate needs.

Meeting in the chat is the key. You can always use the PM to ask someone to chat in order to get help or instructions.

chatrooms are good,but as azury said,many times dead
just look at yaxay as example:80 people online,none in chat
How about a official one on EFNET or Zyclonicz. Both are very good networks. I have a chan on zy that is kinda big. We could become sister chans which would help a great deal.
Just a suggestion... :)

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I think IRC is the way to go. Just using a MIRC script for TF, not a Java Base client. I have a good amount of experience in scripting. Also my IRC knowlage base is reliable, I use to have a server admin o-line on a net earlier, before I massed kicked a chan by mistake cause my script was all screwed up. *sigh* TF can have it's own IRC network for $20 from Kinda costly though for a forum that doesn't charge membership fees. I would host the network and all but my Linux machine is dead and I am too lazy to fix it :mad: .
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