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I found a code that lets me put an image on my page and have text were ever I want it to be around the image or next to the image or next to it to the right and how to be.

<p><img src="folder.jpg" hight="97" width="110" aligm=="bottom"/>
All my text is typed here.

This works and I can change the align Top Bottom or whatever it works but just one thing?

<p><img src="folder.jpg" hight="97" width="110" aligm=="bottom"/>

Sould it not be
<p><img src="folder.jpg" hight="97" width="110" aligm=="bottom">

or <p><img src="folder.jpg" hight="97" width="110" aligm=="bottom"> </img>
What am I not getting the closs tag always goes after everything but they are putting it inside


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The short answer is that <tagname a="1" b="2"></tagname> is equivalent to <tagname a="1" b="2"/>. Which is why you don't need the closing tag on img - it's got no body so it can just be an empty tag.

The long answer? That just includes the fact you really need to pay attention when you're writing. Note the spelling of height and align for starters. There's also no == for attributes, where did you get that from?!

Align is also a deprecated attribute, so you shouldn't really be using it anymore - but personally I think that's the least of your worries. If you want to move onto coding in a programming language rather than just HTML then you seriously need to get strict with yourself about this sort of thing - HTML fudges are sometimes accepted by browsers which is why you might see the desired effect even if you're misspelling something or typing things inccorectly, compilers aren't nearly as forgiving.