Text displaying improperly in MS WORD


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So you can see what I'm talking about, I have a screenshot of one of the innumerable error occurances at the link below:


I'm using MS Word 2000 with the standard times new roman
font. Nothing fancy, just straight text. Sometimes (not
all the time) when I scroll with my mouse or use page
up/page down buttons, the text fails to display properly
on the screen, and I have no idea why this is. This
occurss anywhere within the document, at any given time.

When a screen (such as in the above link) occurs, the only way to get it to display normally again is to minimize the entire window
and then maximize it again. Then I may type five minutes
or so and the same error will occur again in a different
part of the document. My Word version is fully updated
and I even did a "detect and repair" on it and the error
still occurs. This is obviously quite annoying. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you know of any viable alternatives to MS word where I won't have this problem, let me know too!