Terrioist Laws


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I understand thats aussie land but its affecting Britian and the United States. You can arrested for not supporting your country! You can be arreseted for voicing your opinion on terrioism. Now you ask ok, this is a big deal because of?

Bring you a story of a doctor in Nazi Germany. He said, first the Germans came for blacks, I wasn't black so I didn't say anything. Then the Nazis came for the Jews, I of course wasn't jewish, so I didn't say anything. They came for the more poepe, I was in that group of people. Then they came for the doctors, I said somthing but no one around to hear it.

How far is this going go? Basically if you are iin a protest with a sign such as "Maybe we need a extra whooping by Osma" or somthing along those lines YOU CAN BE ARRESTED FOR BEING UNPROTATOIC to your country. How far is this going go. Do you think its right that now countries are coming out with laws preventing its poeple from speaking out? This includes the internet btw.


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Throughout history, people have been arrested for speaking out against war and other forms of government policy. In cases more than not, they are arrested because in the time of war and hardship, the people give up some rights.

Its a bit suprizing that Austrailia came out with this out of nowhere though.. perhaps their having a major problem out there. I don't hear much news of Austrailia myself, so I can't really comment if they are or not.

All the same, so people don't get confused as I did at first, I think you meant unpatriotic. ;) Simple spelling error, no problem in that.. :p

All the same, I don't completely agree with this, but I know its always been something throughout history done. I personally feel that your voice and the right to speak is one of the last things you'll have sometimes, and you should never be afraid to use it. It was given to you for a reason, and to not use it would be a sheer and unfortunate waste.


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I agree. And frankly from my view point this war is pointless. If I were to get drafted by America or Germany to fight in this war i'd refuse. As a British officer is getting tried and put in jail for failing to follow orders because he cosniders this war ILLEGAL. That includes all conflicst that are caused such as Iran and stuff.