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I'm back to really being confused about what is happening with these files in XP Pro / IE 6.0.

Three users on my system: 1) me 2)administrator, and 3) guest. IE options TIF's set for "automatic" 300Mb.

Funny Thing #1: I have a folder named Temporary Internet Files showing up in both my user Local Settings folder (what I would expect) and in Local Settings\Temp folder! Two different places for the same user!

Funny Thing #2: When I switch users, the Temporary Internet Files cache gets wiped (zero files - empty cache) when I switch back to a user who initially had 15-20 Mb in the cache!

I have double checked my system and settings and nothing I know of is set to wipe the cache clean, let alone during a user switch.

Or am I completely off base and this is what XP is suppose to do to keep one user from prying into what another was browsing?

Thanks for any replies!
Are you switching between user and admin accounts?

Unlike Win2k, I think...I've only used WinXP with user accounts for a little while, so I'd have to check this later...WinXP admins can't see the TIFs for other users. That might be why it seems like the files are wiping after a log off.

But honestly, that's only a guess. I'm still learning the strangeness of XP...and you could be right, that it is wiping the TIFs after a log off (or at least, moving them around), which would explain why it takes so long to log off after a healthy dose of internet browsing.
It looks like I was right. Here's a nifty trick for you. I nearly fell over at this one.

In WinXP, log off all users and get onto the user selection screen. Now, hit Control + Alt + Delete twice.

Voila! Can we say, "Holy Hidden Administrator, Batman!"

Or maybe I'm just slow. I honestly had no idea that was there. But using the ACTUAL administrator account, your TIF confusion should rapidly dissipate.

On a side note, I got that info from http://www.astalavista.com/library/misc/tricks/XPTipsByANKIT.rtf Read through that file and be sigh in relief.
Thanks again Seloce. I appreciate the excellent article you referenced, but I didn't see my subject listed in it.

I do switch between accounts and I knew the administrator account is hidden (or is suppose to be). I log onto it regularly.

I can see the Internet Temp File folders Content.IE5 for the other users. They just don't make any sense to me. Some users have them, some just have the folder Internet Temp Files with no content.

I'm starting to believe that the folder named Temporary Internet Files showing up in both my user Local Settings folder (what I would expect) and in Local Settings\Temp folder is due to user switching (logging into and out off different user accounts.

Folks a lot more knowledgable than me have thrown up their arms and said "don't try to figure it out".

I'm ready to heed their advice.
After many days of searching and posting, I found out why I don't have any records in IE History in WinXP Pro (and maybe why I'm losing my Temp Internet Files). I run a corporate version of McAfee version 4.5.1 SP1 multi-platform. The Internet filter is causing the problem:


(It may require a grant number so I copied and pasted below):

SolutionID: nai20562 Printer-Friendly Page
Problem Description: Internet history empty
Internet explorer
history is missing

Problem Environment: McAfee VirusScan 4.5.1 SP1
Microsoft Windows XP

Changes affecting this problem: Installed Virus Scan 4.5.1
SP1 with Internet Filter

Disable the Internet Filter.

NOTE: Class files (Java Applets) and OCX files (ActiveX
controls) are still detected by System Scan. Internet Filter is redundant
unless IP filtering is used.

It may be necessary to reboot the workstation after
disabling Internet Filter to insure the issue is corrected.
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