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i want to clean my pc, i always delete my temp internet files, how ever there is another folder called temp. just temp. should i delete it also. without causeing any problems?
If it is what I am thinking, it is just the file that programs use when they are installing (if you did not create it). I have had programs tell me to erase it if I had problems before. Best to wait for someone to second the motion before you erase it.
I have ony deletaed the contents, as I stated I know that a lot of programs use this file suring install so I would not delete the file itself.
thanx for the replys.

thanx everyone, i guess my question is , will it slow my pc down? i was always told to delete my temporary internet files. every now and then, and was wondering if this is the same as temp inter files? the temp folder is right beside , temp internet files, and i did not create it, it was always there. so far i just delete my temp internet files and my history. that is it, my question is ,,, Is there anything else i should be deleteing to have a healthy pc? and to cover my tracks :D
also, here is where the file is,, on win98se. i go to my computer, C , windows , and then show files. it is in there right next to the temporary internet files.
Just get a program called system mechanic, it will clean up all unnessesary things including temp files and registry entries, and do it safely.
Here's an easy thing to do

What most people mean when they say delete temp files is to do a search of your hard drive for *.tmp and delete what you find. This will increase your PC's performance if you have a high amount of .tmp files. People that deal with documents, spreadsheets and such on a regular basis tend to build up these types of files.
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