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Can anyone tell me some basical telnet commands that I would need to know to use it. I know very little about this command. Is there anyway I can telnet into a pc thats behind a router on a network? Thanks!!!!

Originally a Unix command now used by a lot of OSs. Basically an unsecure way to access another computer. Usage 'telnet 6101' but if you hit enter after typing telnet, its 'open'

There are many enhanced 3rd party telnet widgets out there, like TinTin or wintin if you need alias scripting etc.

If you need to get by a firewall, make sure you have the telnet port open(port 23), or the port number specified, as in 6101 in my example above.

If you can't see text or are having weird format problems - check your display properties in telnet...i.e. Terminal Type (vt100, local cursor echo etc..)while in telnet, use '?' for options(XP), and Winblowz 95/98 have a options box for terminal type, machine, and port.

Use SSH for ecure connections.
One telnet command that is good is finger (username) without the (). It tells you if they are online, how long, idle, etc.

Whois (username) without () tells you about their account if I remember right. It's Telnet or IRC.
Is there a way to set up WinTin to reconnect every time a session ends? (to the same system)
The commands that I use the most are most likely "ls" for listing the files that are in the directory you are currently in and "cd (folder directory name)" w/ out the () to get a certain directory.
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