Technology in the classroom


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I feel as though technology should be allowed in the classroom. Now I don’t think children should have their own phones out, but on a school laptop or iPad instead. There are many websites out there designed to help students learn in different ways. Some websites help engage students on subjects that may not be their favorite.


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Call me old school but I don't think that kids should be glued to a screen, especially at school. Computers and other tech gadgets have their place in the school environment but that should be secondary if not further down the line. I also don't believe that kids should sit still and be lectured to even though that should also have its place.

School should be a multi-faceted experience. Not only should there be formal teaching of specific curriculum but other skills should be incorporated into the whole. For example, students should learn about how to behave in different circumstances, how to play fair and cooperate, how to operate within a set of rules, how to socially interact with peers and those in authority over them, how to communicate thoughts, ideas, and feelings in a constructive manner. Most of these are not taught at a desk but rather through the human interactions with other students, teachers, and school personnel.

Most of what goes in in many schools is no longer real education. Instead of teaching students how to think for themselves teachers are having to "teach for the test", namely the state proficiency tests (in the US). The focus is on stuffing the kids with just what is going to be on the test to the detriment of everything else. And then some schools are no better than indoctrination camps that inculcate their own ideologies into the minds of the young and impressionable.
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