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Monster Techie
As you may have seen over the last month or so the gallery has been coming and going. Im proud to announce that its here to stay now:) We have it working 100% correctly and its all intergrated into the forums (Thanks to

The categorys are:

Member Galleries
Any offtopic images and members personal galleries.

Desktop Screen Shots
Post screen shots of you desktop wallpapers, screensavers, ect

Computer Mods
post pictures of your case and computer mods ect or of just some mods you have found that look cool.

TF Community Photos
Picture of YOU family and pets:)

Gaming Shots
Got a cool screenshot of a game? or a real high score? Post your gaming shots here.

Other members also may rate your images and add comments.

Enjoy :)
Is this going to be a new forum section? May be im blind but I havent seen it. When will it be up?
No big deal, was just wondering since there was an announceement, but it wasnt up yet.

;) :D :rolleyes:
Oh yeah forgot to mention its currently only on the v2 style. Both of you are using v3.

The reason it's only on one style is because soon we will be switching to one new style and thats it. the one style for everyone.

So if you want to see/use the gallery now you will need to switch to the v2 style.

Not open for further replies.
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