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the flaming hermit
Hmm.. i just noticed something quite entertaining. I was viewing the scores for the quizzes on here, and I noticed that the "Hardest Quiz" was listed as being Beginner Quiz #1 with an average of 8.24... and the "Easiest Quiz" is Advanced Quiz #2, with an average score of 9.24. Seems a little backwards, but maybe it's just me :)
Yeah ive noticed the same thing:) All the quizzes are relativly easy I really need to add some more. If anyone would like to donate a quiz i would be happy to add it.

Cheers could throw in questions that include networking techniques that are only viable solutions in unusual situations. Something like...

If the cable becomes damaged and is thereby inoperable in a Token Ring network...

a) all computers lose network services
b) no comptuers lose network services
c) only computers near the broken cable lose service
d) none of the above

Not open for further replies.
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