TEACHERS suck.........


Whilst typing into google "teachers are retards", I happened to come across this:

Marking is Not Working ? It's Pen Strokes you Lazy Shit.

If you know any teachers slap them round the face. If you are a teacher then hit yourself you deserve it.

Teachers don't know they are born.
All they ever do is moan and complain. Ask any teacher if they enjoy their job and they are sure to kick off with how they are underpaid, Overworked and Undervalued.
Whinging Bastards.

The general public tends not to sympathise with teachers like they do say with nurses, for many reasons but mainly because teachers are always bleating on.

If it's not the extra hours they have to do for marking or after school activities, it's Ofsted and the national Curriculum.

A word to the wise Mr slap head Science teacher, we don't care.
Because teachers get at least 12 weeks PAID holiday a year.
An Average everyday worker gets, ooh 20 DAYS holidays per year and work at least 8 and a half days.

People who become teachers go to university because they don't want to get a job.
After they have fucked around for 3 years and got a 2.2. Degree they think, “Oh fuck, what am I going to do now?”

So because they still have no idea what they really want to do, and are too scared to go out into the real world, they choose the easy route, Staying in education and becoming a teacher.

So when they inevitably start complaining about being stifled, marginalized and how children are more unruly these days, what they really mean is: -
“Look I never really wanted to be a teacher, it's not what I expected but I haven't got the balls or imagination to go and do something else.

Why do you think teachers always marry their own?
Well because their cry baby gripes would sound so hollow to a partner who doesn't get six weeks off in a row or finish at 3.30pm.
Piss of to the South of France for your annual camping holiday you fuckers.
Any sane person faced with a teachers incessant whining would swiftly and with out remorse tell them to go and just Ram It.


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i have not read all of that but what is the point, do you hate teachers they do i good job and the students don't know there born.. teachers do a great job.


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hahahahaha nice 1 netlight

im going to print it and show it to my teachers

David Lindon

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I would never be a teacher because kids are so disrespectful thats why I admire teachers and think they do have a hard job.


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You guys probably hate teachers because you suck at school. Seriously, teachers get underpaid, at least in california.. and they have harder job then most of us. Pretty much all of that article is bullshit, and you really should reconsider your views on this. Besides, I've known some very very good teachers, and I obviously am fully against that article.


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Ok. I dont like my current school as i have no computers in my day but i still have to say teachers are underpaid.

Kids are our future and theachers are our mentors.

They should get more.