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Has anyone else here heard of the TCPA?

If not, here's a site you might want to check out.

It takes a lot to scare me when it comes to computers, but this scares me. This really scares me...
dude if that happens it wouldn't be much fun to be on the computer anymore having to worry about someone tracking my every move.
Sadly this is the case. What we need to do now is get the word out. Get on every forum, email, whatever. People need to know what is going on and what will happen.

The main problem I have it with my own programming. I'm an amature software developer and if the TCPA gets off the ground in my computer, well you can guess what's going to happen to my programs. As it is IBM has put out a palm system with the Fritz chip installed. Worse yet if this occures, Microsoft will have the power to FORCE you to upgrade to the newest OS or they can shut down your computer. Or the hardware companies can FORCE you to upgrade your hardware or shut down your system.

I think everyone can see where this can go. As I said before, this really scares me.
Best of all, Microsoft can prevent any non-Windows OS from installing along with any non-Microsoft software for certain uses like office suites. Overall, it should be destroyed. They claim it's to stop piracy, to protect us from hackers, etc but it's another form of control of our use of PCs. I spent $1,500 for my system (monitor, printer, etc included) and I will NOT let some group to tell me what I can and can't have on my next one. If they add a chip, I'll figure out how to remove it. I'd hate it if GeForce video cards were banned.
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