Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

The Amish Kid

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Has anyone seen it yet? I just got back from it and thought it was hilarious. It is now probably my favorite movie. If you haven't seen it I defently recommend it.

The Amish Kid

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I thought it was really funny. I'm a big fan of Will Ferrel though. You need to like his humor I think to like this movie. If you liked old school or anchorman you willl defently like this.


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Pisses me off. People that try and act southern and aren't cant pull it off.

Why is it the south can be made fun of so much? Of Man those dang north westerners, thats so dumb.. >.> doesnt work


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Screw Will Ferrell. His wife (portrayed by the super gorgeous Leslie Bibb) owns all. :D


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I saw it yesterday. I laughed pretty hard, especially at the whole cougar/blind driving scene.
Then I came home and watched Benchwarmers, which made me laugh more. :D


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I'm probably gonna see it soon. Looks awesome!! Lol, funny line from the commericals, his best friend is like since you win all the time, can I be number one once? Will is like no, you can't have two 1's that makes 11. His friend is like ah, that makes sense. LMAO.