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Hi all

I'm having a problem with the memory on my hard disc. Something is taking up too much space and I don't have a clue whats it is. I'm currently using Windows Vista. I should also mention I had previous PC restore to the moment it was last working to remove a bug that had made its way onto my pc. But even before then, it started taking up memory.

I done memory diagnostics, but that showed nothing that could help to elevate hd space.

It was at one point at 9GB, but now its 15GB,now that I've removed some files and still it continues to take up memory.

What will happen if my PC run of of memory?


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Do you mean on the HD? Well, sorry to tell you, but Windows Vista requires 15 GB of HD space anyway. I know it said 9 GB, but sometimes it expands some files to fix things, like when you did the system restore. Go to Computer, right-click on C:, open Properties, and click "Disk Cleanup". There's temp files and stuff your browser gets off the Internet when it's loading pages, and on the "More Options" or "Additional Operations" tab you could delete all but the most recent restore points.
How big is your HD (capacity)?

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I'm assuming you have an extremely small hard drive. Your best bet would probably be to install a second hard drive in your computer and use it as storage for your files and things. Hard drives are cheap these days, hell, you can get a 1tb drive on newegg for $80 bucks. If you don't need something that big then you could get something like a 320gb for under 50 bucks.