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Lady Techie
I have no idea how much it costs to host and maintain T-F, but it must be a lot. It's probably been considered before, but how about a donation system for those of us who want to give back to the place that's been home to us? Or a paid membership system, where we can get a paid membership/subscription to T-F which gets us stuff like, allowed a bigger avatar/larger PM limit/different colour username/tf.net email acc (unlikely one that).

Just a thought - I've seen it work on other forums, but again I don't really know if T-F needs any funding or anything.
Doesn't this forum make a tiny bit of money off of advertisements? Like when you are you guest you see lots of them.
I do know that, but I'm guessing that Google ads don't really make all that much money? (quite a wide guess admittedly)
That's something to think about, Yami. We'll kick it around and see what happens.
With the amount of ads viewed by guests, this site does okay for itself ;).

But opening the contributions area again would be a good idea. If nothing else it could help kickstart our review section.
I'm up for a couple USB drives to give to friends, presuming they have the URL on them. And t-shirts, if they're actually decent quality (it's very difficult to get good t-shirts in the UK, I end up getting all mine from the US) and the logos don't wear off.
I'd be up to pay like $5 a year for a part of the forum that can only be seen/accessed by other paying subscribers that allows much more free will then the rest of the forum. A MUCH less strict off topic sub-forum if you will (just ditch #2 completely) ;)
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