System Zone 2 OverHeating on INTEL ACTIVE MONITOR


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Hello Everyone!

Just put together my first computer..

Aspire X-Navigator case with 4 Fans
CPU P4 3.0ghz
MOBO Intel Desktop Board D865PERL
1 gig of ram
Cooler Master Jet CPU Fan
Here is a pic of it
West Dig HD


Here is the problem. I burnt a DVD yesterday and System Zone 2 was overheating.. I dont understand... I have 4 fans running full blast and a killer Heatsync.. Is there any way to remedy this problem? Take a look at the pics and tell me what you think.. It goes above 50C when burning DVDs..

Thanks for the Help!!!


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hmmm i dont use intel but ill tell you right now that your case kicks ass.... i love aspire! i have the X-Superalien (blue), altho i actually like yours better....:)


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That's really strange. If that temp is true, then the area where your ports, like tcp/ip, usb, ps2 are located are overheating when you're burning a cd. That makes no sense...

Only possible hyporthesis from me is that when the burner is hogging up the voltage from the PSU, the electricity gets cut off to the power fans, but this is extremely unlikely.