System won't boot, nothing on screen

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Hi guys, just found this forum and wish my first post here was under better circumstances. I come asking for assistance on a system that's been giving me problems since I built it.

It was fine yesterday and then I got some marks at the top of the screen that looked like bad tracking on a VHS and then the system froze and shut off. After that I got a BSOD and it froze before telling me what the problem was. After that I got it to the desktop for about 15 minutes, then BSOD again and now it won't boot up.
I hit the power button and all my LED's come on, fans run, nothing comes up on the screen. Then it restarts on it's own and nothing happens. Just LED's and fans.
I've switched out the RAM and tried different slots that didn't seem to help, I've also tried disconnecting the video card that didn't work. I'm sort of leaning towards something wrong with the power supply, video card or motherboard. I certainly hope that isn't the case as the system cost me $2500 to build at the time and I've spent about $500 to try and get it working properly, gone through multiple boards and sets of RAM, RMA's...complete hassle with the motherboard.

But yeah nothing comes up on screen no logo flash, no BIOS no nothing, then it restarts. the monitor sits there then goes idle and the blue light on it starts blinking, All the fans and LED's come back on when it restarts (I checked video card fan and it was running) just nothing happens.
Does anyone have any troubleshooting ideas?
I've gotten some ideas from people on another tech forum about taking the battery out of the board for 10 seconds or so to reset the BIOS, and trying another video card.
I did the battery bit and it didn't work. I don't have any other video cards to try as this is my first build and the first "modern" system in the house. I've also tried unplugging the CD/DVDROM drives.

Specs are:
Board: ASUS P5Q Deluxe
CPU: Q9550 (at stock speed)
G-Skill RAM 1066mhz (currently running at 800, default)
Corsair HX1000w PSU
WD SE16 640GB HD
HIS Radeon 4870x2

Thanks for reading guys, any ideas are much appreciated.
It does have a video card sound to it... As you had the crazy screen.

For trouble shooting,

As its not booting at all, I would run it bare minumum, Mobo out of the case on cardboard, 1 stick of ram, gpu, and of coarse power supply. Plug that stuff in and vtry to gegt to the bios.

After that, you're at a point where you need to switch components in and out.

Got any really nice freinds? A cheap/lowend components is all you need to test it out.

Btw, a 1000W psu is abit overkill, especially a corsair, so if you can get ahold of even a decent 600W to try it out, it'll be fine.

Good luck, seems you've had a beast of a time building.

And saddly, welcome to TF. Hope we can help.
Hi guys thanks for the replies. I tried a different monitor and unfortunately got the same result. I paid $600 for the card when I bought it so it's a little hard to swallow it being unemployed as a complete loss. I only spent so much on this build (first build) because I didn't want to have to spend any money on a computer for 4 years or so (thus the overkill PSU). Looks like that is biting me in the rear end.

I can't really test it if I don't have another card can I? It's going to take some time because I don't want to put my fist into it while trying to figure things out (had enough trouble with this build that it won't take much to huck it out the window). I live in a small town outside the city where there is absolutely nothing to do so the computer is my everything out here. Sucks!

Any good deals on used cards that can game and play 1080p Blu-rays properly?

Just to add, what sucks even more is I spent more money on this board for better quality etc etc and it apparently doesn't even have onboard video that's total garbage.
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