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i got sys mech, and i want to clean out the registry. so i do a scan on the registry and a bunch of stuff comes up. my question is , do i delete all of them. there was like 158 items. how do i know what i can delete without messing up something? :) or will it only delete what i dont need.
It wont delete anything cruical to the running of your system.
thanx ecniv, i thought this was gonna be easy and fool proof, cause i have no idea what to delete and what not. :( this is a bummer , i would like to clean the system like cache and internet files that i dont know is there , u know like hidden porn and garbage. lol any advice as to what i should do and be safe?
System mechanic will safely delete ALL unneccesary registry entries and files from your computer. Just do what it tells you.
Ecniv , i ran everything that system mechanic had and deleted all. and no problems :) . one question i have dsl and there is something on system mechanic that is supost to speed up your internet connection. but i dont understand witch one to use? my dsl does not requir to log on, i just turn my pc on and im on line. so could u tell me witch one i should use if any. i figure u could look at it on your system mechanic. i think u said u had it.
I dont think you should use that option, It could cause you to have problems with your connection.

Generally all any of the programs that promise to speed up your connection do is to change the packet size, which just makes sites eem to load faster, not worth it unless your on dial up.
ok what if i already did it? how can i go back to what i had? i noticed on a game that usually runs good, now seems like the frame rate is a little off or something?
I dont believe those settings should affect frame rate in any way, unfortunatly if there isnt an option to set it back the way it was, its prolly stuck that way.
i found it .. ecniv. it has a restore button , so i set it back. didnt notice to much difference , so it may just be my immagination :) thanx for your help bro. :)
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