System failed memory test

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I have 2 sticks of PC2700 DDR. My computer seems to work fine regardless of the voice message though. Shutdown the voice maby? Or switch to other memory? My FSB is 266 Mhz and the brand of memory is TwinMOS. Any suggestions? By the way, right now I'm running in agressive mode and the error seems less frequent. Turning up the voltage have I not tried (don't dare).
I think it is running in 266 Mhz mode since the resulting frequency is 133. Agressive should be in sync with the FSB right now I think. These are CAS2 modules so I think they will cope better with agressive. The firm from wich I bought the computer told me that a slight power glitch is sufficent for faliure of memorytest since it does it so damn fast. Is it REALLY safe to raise the voltage? I just wanna be sure... (chicken me) ;-) Cannot afford to burn the modules. I have one chassis fan and a Zalman CPU cooler (cu). These should help cool the memory too right?
It's an Aopen 350W silent power. I have one additional fan running. The cpu cooling fan is quite large, about twice the size of a regular one and mounted floating above the motherboard.
System specs:

Asus a7n8x deluxe
AMD XP2400+ Toroughbread
2*256 Mb TwinMOS DDR PC2700 CAS 2
MSI Geforce TI4800SE 8X AGP 128 Mb DDR
Lite on burner 40X
Win XP
Aopen H600 S chassis with 350 Watt PSU AMD XP+ OK

Regarding the PSU readings I don't think that's a problem since the motherboard has a recommended power of 300 watt for a fully configured system. Besides the chassis is approved for high speed XP processors. (YES I am too lazy to open the box... ;-) ).

But if you REALLY think that's the problem, I can do that. I havn't up:ed the voltage yet but the message seems very rare now that I switched to agressive. The fan in the PSU seems to be working very mildly so I don't think it is under to much strain.
Thank You MB

I have been learning a lot about this ram/board config on this issue,,

I am leary on the voltage thing too,, but it is ok?? Just for the $$ I wouldnt want to fry anything.. I p/u another fan- volcano, to move air better,,

i am curious about overclocking the ram,, any info sites that your would recommend??

some very clever stuff here,,,,

cheers !!! :)
Yeah, I know that adding too much hardware can overload the PSU, but hey? 1 AGP card, 1 HDD and nothi'n else? I think that my PSU can cope with this. I don't plan to add anything else either. Do you also think my PSU can cope with this?

But I will try and up the voltage some time later. The computer is working perfectly and run games like the wind. I havn't had this message for about 10 restarts now so I really recommend setting agressive.

And folks: don't be afraid of this mobo. It's working fine and is blisteringly fast. Easy to setup too, besides the memory though... ;-)
Well now I doscovered that the voltage has nothing to do with it. It seems like the error comes and goes due to the fact that I save settings in BIOS. The voice even disappeared!!! Despite that it was switched on! The computer booted fine regardless of course. I tried reflashing the voice and are testing again... Damn. Maby I got a bad BIOS? I don't want that! It's a lot of fuss to return the computer and a risk also. Any more suggestions??
System Failed Memory Test

I had the same problem with a Asus A7N8X Mobo and 2 sticks of Corsair DDR 512mb PC3200 memory and a Atlon xp 2100. Occasionally when I boot up I have a voice warning that " System failed memory test".

If I reboot I may or may not get the message. I don't have another computer to test the memory in and Corsair hasn't called me back yet.

Stuck in limbo I guess for now.
First of all, stay away from the nforce mobos, they are too young if you know what I mean. I think ASUS built their reputation on the VIA chipsets so stick with those.
I have the A7N8X and am also getting the "memory failed" message. It does not effect normal applications, but I play an online game and the game freezes on me frequently. Also any application that is video intensive, tends to crash on occasion.
Has anyone else experienced game crashes?
I have 512 pc 2700 memory, asus geforce4 t4200 video, 2200 amd cpu.
Has anyone determined if this is a motherboard "bug".
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