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This has not been built yet. It is for SQL and Oracle work. Is my setup good? Any and all advice will be appreciated.

Intel Xeon (Nocona) 2.80 GHz
Supermicro X6DAL-XG-O
4 x 512 MB DDR333 ECC Reg.
LSI Logic Ultra320 Controller
________ 74 GB U320 HDD
Sapphire Radeon X300 SE
Apex Super Case w/ 350 W PSU
Generic Floppy Drive
Optorite DVD+/- RW
LG 52x CD-ROM Drive
Generic Keyboard
Microsoft Optical Mouse
Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server

I might install 3 x 36.6 GB SCSI-3 HDD instead since I also have an Adaptec SCSI-3 controller, I believe it is a SCSI-3.

What do you guys think?
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