Symanted Norton Personal Firewall 2003 problem

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All Seeing Eye
hey there..
I had this thing working, but I had to reinstall windows..
before, I've uninstalled all main programs.
when I wanted to install Symanted Norton Personal Firewall 2003 again, it couldn't run.. it gives me three errors everytime after I install and reboot. I tried reinstalling it but I does the same, and I tried uninstalling and deleting all registery (dunno why.. hmm) and then installing again but the same errors appear.
it always the same errors, about three missing or damaged files. they files are there, so they aren't missing.. I can't belive they are damaged cause I had it working before and it works from the same cd at my friends's..
it can't run without this dlls, but I don't think it's the problem.
please help me.. :( :confused: :(

oh, the symanted help on their site couldn't help me as wel...
why? does it important? they aren't really missing or damaged..
well, it's ccapp.dll (I'm not sure about that one), iamapp.dll (I'm sure about that one) and an other I don't remeber.. if somebody thinks it's important I'll find out, but it seems irrelevant to me..
Well, if it's a system file then you can get it from one place, but if it's a program file then you may have to get it from somewhere else. Or you may have to just get the file from the CD and copy it to the correct location... but I am just trying to help... goodluck figuring it out.
Ã…nubis said:
If a *.DLL file is damaged in any way then the program will NOT function.

DLL files are critical to any program. If one is missing then it simply won't run.

yeah, I know that.. but I said that the files are in their correct locationg after installing and installing from the same cd in an other computer works fine, too.. and it's not damaged cause I've tried installing servel times and it still didn't work..
any ideas?
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