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Hello everyone, how are you doing today?

So my friend was showing me his new macbook and I noticed something that made me jealous.

I noticed how easy it was to switch between languages and how he could type the languages in everything...

Google Talk
writing Emails
everything (expect while playing games)

So my question that I lay before all you windows gurus is, is there any possible way for me to be able to do this?

I am in college, and my major is Japanese. Up until now i have been writing everything in MS word then copy/pasting into chats and emails, and its getting old...

So yea, just wondering if there was a way for me to type (specifically Japanese) different languages into web browsers, skype, IM chats, etc...

Ill be waiting. Thank you for any comments (yes, good or bad) and suggestions!

Ta ta
Windows Vista Ultimate/ Win7 Ultimate has the Language Packs. This will do that.
Microsoft Global Input Method Editors (IMEs)
Install Microsoft Global IME 5.02 for 32-bit Windows

It looks like it can be done via the IME. It also looks like you need the Language Bar active and accessible.

Thank you :) But I already have that installed but I am not able to write Japanese inside the web browser (like when using facebook or an online Japanese dictionary)
For this, is it possible for windows to do it?

Ok. i am sorry for my lacking of information for you guys who are trying to help me.
Right now I can type Japanese but ONLY in microsoft word (I installed East Asian languages and the keyboards when I installed windows)

I want to be able to type in internet browsers (Firefox, Facebook, Online Japanese Dictionaries, Skype, etc)
Is this possible for windows xp 32bit SP3?

I went to you link Mak213(thank you for posting) and I downloaded the Japanese IME for office XP, but when I try to install it, it says this setup requires Office XP. So I downloaded Office XP SP2 (said the expected version was not found) so I downloaded Office XP SP1 and same thing, expected version not found.

Could it be that I dont have this office file?
(or it could just be talking about miscrosoft office? I have 2007 installed right now)

any directions on this matter would be most lovely :)
Thank you!

Ok, I am sorry for bothering you guys, I am a poop brain. I figured out that I was not typing in my browser or skype because the Input mode was not changed to Hiragana......

Sorry. But thank you guys for all your help :)!

***Problem Solved
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