svchost.exe {problems}

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When i have msn running {and other times ocasionaly} svchost.exe will take up all the system resources for like 10-15 seconds then stop for about a min or two and then do the same thing over and over again any answers?

Im running windows xp pro
512 ddr
40 gigz
42 24 42 {burner}
one of them is skinning, one is communications, and some stuff that is loaded before windows starts. I remember seeing that off a site.

To test the skinning... Turn the appearance to Windows Classic mode, and see if one of the service hosts(svchost.exe) goes away.
svchost is the windows service host. It's just a generic host process for services that are run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs). It's not rare for there to be a few of these running, but it shouldn't be causing your computer to freeze... it's probably another program you have running that is causing the lockups.
no im sure its svchost because when i go 2 the task manager it sais one of the svchost.exe is taken 100% cpu usage{only when msn is running}
Thats not rare, you havent yet stated whether your computer is locking up or sslowing to a crawl as a result of this. If it is, then you may need to re-install MSN. However, I run folding@Home and my system resources are always at 100% used, and I never have a problem.
ya well msn just getts lagy NOTHING ELSE so my msn freezes up for a couple seconds its just annoying
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