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I use Outlook 2002 (not express) and have the preview pane enabled. Today I received an email in poor english with a business opportunity and an .rar file attachment. I did not click any of the URL links it invited me to within the body of the email. I immediately deleted it. Feeling paranoid, I searched for recently created/modified files and found a file that had been created with a stamp of 10:15pm....well, I had seen this email at 10:25pm, so, maybe....

One file came up. RSUI2.BIN was found in C:\WINDOWS. Googling this file turned up nothing but 6 or 7 garbled foreign, apparently fake site listings. I of course did not click any. One site was located in Taiwan, just like the business opportunity. Bells. Whistles.

Here are my concerns/questions:

1) Norton Antivirus, Adaware, and Spybot turn up nothing on my PC. I deleted the file and emptied the recycling bin. I have since rebooted and scanned again and manually searched for created/modified files and also read over my running processes. Nothing at all suspicious. I guess I'm concerned that if this created a .bin file in C:\windows, what else could it have done? To my registry, for example.

2) How can I secure Outlook? I have just disabled the preview pane. Will this prevent something like this from happening? Or does the actual automatic download of the email/file attachment pose a risk. Should I switch to web-based email for added security? How about Mozilla Thunderbird?

Any tips for verifying my PCs current cleanliness as well as tips for preventitive measures appreciated! Thanks...Kaaz
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