suse linux???????

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suse linux

ok so does anyone have any input on it i would be very greatful,

customising desktop's Links????
software links?
basic coding?
I used it... once, and didn't like it. My prefered flavor is Red Hat (8). I have also used Mandrake (7.1 - 9) which worked pretty good.
Yea, never really had the urge to try suse. Mandrake is more my bag.
Way to go, finally Ecniv and me agree on something :D Mandrake's x-windows is a more use-able version.
the x windowing system is effectively the same in both mdk and suse, except suse has a better configuration tool yast ( yet another setup tool) i would go for Suse, if i was interested in re learning linux . or slackware if u are a hardened *nix'er ;)
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