surge protector did no good...

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earlier my computer was hit by was plugged into a surge protector.

i have found out that it isnt the power supply thats messed up...the symptons are fans constantly on high instead of quieting down...and my monitor is getting no signal.

could this be a graphics issue (i do have on-board graphics), a motherboard issue...or a CPU issue (most cpu problems ive had, the computer didnt even turn on...)

any ideas?


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I hate to tell you this but most surge protectors are nothing more than power strips. There are quality Surge protectors out there but they are expensive. I would say it's you mobo that has taken a dump. find someone who will let you temp plug in another video card and see if you get a signal. If not...your mobo is now a frisbee. $80!!!!!!


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all good surge protectors come with a warrenty for any equipment hooked to it, so get the make and model number and contact them. And if it doesn't say surge protection on it then it wasn't. Because yeah your motherboard is a frisbee

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Yeah most surge protectors arent what they claim to be, best thing to buy is a nice surge protector, also they have ones that charge thenselves and can kick in with battery power in the even of loss of power, expensive but worth it if you have a nice machine to protect. If not you just have to pray your circuit breaker cuts off power surges quick enough, or just simply pull the plug from the wall during a storm.
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