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Super Nintendo is one of the best consoles in the past. Sega genesis was good also, but Super Nintendo was a great hit wen it first came out. Especially the game "Super Mario World." Who else agrees? Anyone disagree?
I have my Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, and my PS1.
I have Super Mario world.. IT was fun .. but after beating it 5 times.. nah.. i'll pass.
I still have my SNES too. :D

Favorite games include FFIII, Lufia II, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG and Breath of Fire I and II. :p
Chrono Trigger was my favorite game on the SNES. I still have my SNES and will never even think of getting rid of it.
SNES was the best RPG console EVER! You couldnt pry mine from my cold dead hands!
i still have 2 atari systems that work and games to, also i have nintindo with the oringinal mario :D
my favorite game was "secret of mana", it's a crap title but it was one of the better RPG's on SNES. I also like secret of mana 2/ seiken densetsu 3, but you need to know japanese to play
Final Fantasy 2 for USA, Final fantasy 3 USa, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, need I go on?
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