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We at Computer Direct have recently built 5 new super computers which can be used for anything imaginable to meet your needs in every aspect you're looking for be it gaming, graphic design, video editing, and much much more for you to decide. The computer listed is worth over $5000 USD after taxes, we are selling these for only $4000 USD !!!! and to top it off there is no taxes charged or shippiung included. Below is a list of what comes with the purchase;

1) ASUS VENTO 3600 PC CASE (Choice of black, Red, Blue, Green)
2) VL System LIS 2 Premium VFD Fan Controller (Black)
3) PAX MATE Sound Dampening Mat
4) Coolmax 480 Watt Fanless Power Supply
5) Sunbeam Overclocking Cooling Kit
6) Two Zalman CPU Cooler (processor Heat Sink w/ Fan)
7) Coolermaster CoolDrive 4 (Silver)
8) Thermaltake Xaser RF Wireless Keyboard + Mouse (Blue, Red, Black)
9) 1/4" Chrome Wire Sleeve (3 feet)
10) 1/2" Chrome Wire Sleeve (3 Feet)
11) Plantronics Gaming Headset
12) Creative INSPIRE 7.1 Computer Speakers (Black)
13) Two Seagate 400GB SATA / 72000rpm / 8mb Hard Drive
14) Two 1024MB DDR400 OCZ Dual Channel kit RAM
15) Samsung 19" Black Flat Panel Monitor
16) Asus SLI Deluxe Mother Board
17) LG 52x32x52x16 CDRW / DVD (Black)
18) LG 52x32x52x16 CDRW / CD (Black)
19) ATI Radeon X800 Pro All-In-Wonder 256mb
20) Creative Sound Blaster Audigy ZS Platinum Pro Sound Card
21) Dual AMD Opteron 250 Overclocked (7ghz)

Total Approx. $5620 (after Taxes)
We are selling all this for $4000 no taxes, and no shipping fees, all items that are not in the case already are shipped in their original boxes and packaging.

To Contact please MSG: KoMoSkY on AIM and or


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Amd64 said:
mike, sounds like your posting advertisements....
Steven12 said:
And whats wrong with that he is only trying to sell his computer?

I'll agree.

Amd64, he can advertise... as long as its not spam. Doesnt everyone advertise in a "for sale" forum??


"WTS: iBook G3"

iBook G3 500MHz 12" "Snow"
320MB Ram
Mac OS X 10.2.8

$400 + $20 ship/hand.

E-Mail at

No.. I'm not selling my iBook... but thats an advertisement.... trying to sell an ibook.... like I said, everyone posts ads. =)



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well, sure is a high price.. IMO no biggie tho, who needs all that anyways.. 7ghz:))


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i dunno if it's just me but it looks like he got cheap on the drives, no dvd-rw!?